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If you have a bad bite, a TMJ problem or another issue with your jaw, our dentist may recommend a bite analysis to determine the source of the problem so that we can provide you with an effective treatment. Bite analysis technology enables Dr. Bird to pinpoint the areas of your jaw that have too much pressure, allowing us to reposition your jaws and correct your bite to alleviate stress in the area and give you back comfortable oral function. To schedule an appointment at Paradise Family Dental and learn more about the benefits of bite analysis in West Richland, Washington, give us a call today at 509-581-0626.

A bite analysis is a technical scan of your mouth. When you receive a bite analysis at our office, we will place a thin wafer between your teeth and have you bite down. This will show us which teeth make contact first when you bite, and will show the teeth that have the most pressure on them. After diagnosing the precise stress-points, our dentist will be able to develop a customized treatment plan that will meet your needs. Bite analysis is frequently used for designing, creating and adjusting night guards to help keep the jaws comfortable at night, as well as for adjusting the bite for implants.

For more information about bite analysis and to set up a consultation with our experienced dentist, contact our office today. We are committed to helping you regain a healthy smile.

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